Privacy Policy

1. Legislative framework

1.1 The collection, registration, organization, preservation or storage, modification, export, use, transmittal, transmission or any other form of distribution, correlation or combination, connection, commitment, deletion or destruction of personal data (hereinafter called “Processing”) is considered processing of personal data.
1.2 For the processing of User’s personal data, the Company acts as Data Processor and this processing is performed according to the current Greek legislation. The Company declares that fully complies with the provisions of the applicable Greek law.

2. Data of the Company’s Clients

2.1 The Company processes the personal data of its clients for the purposes imposed by the execution of the contract and agreement between them.
2.2 The User provides his/her consent, explicitly agrees and unreservedly accepts any processing action which the Company will perform in the context of the provision of Services to the User, indicatively aiming to represent the User, and to mediate at the relevant procedures with the public tax authorities for the safeguarding and services of the User’s financial, accounting, tax and other relevant needs.
2.3 User’s personal data remain through the whole term of the agreement with the Company and for two (2) years after its expiry, except otherwise appointed based on the current tax legislation. You can request the deletion of your personal data at a shorter time period, which we will adhere if it is possible.

3. User’s consent

3.1 The User of the Website and services must read carefully the Terms of Use, and in case of disagreement he/she must abstain from it and inform the relevant department of the company at the following email:
3.2 Through the acceptance of the Terms of Use and through the voluntarily provision of the required personal data, the User provides his/her consent, explicitly agrees and unreservedly accepts the processing of those personal data, which is made according to those defined in the Terms of Use.
3.3 The User is entitled to withdraw his/her consent for the processing of his/her data anytime. However, this withdrawal will not affect the legality of the processing which is based on his/her consent for the time period prior to the withdrawal, neither the further processing of the same data, which is performed under other legal base, such as the completion of the agreement or the compliance need with a legal obligation to which the Company is subject to.

4. Surveillance of office entrance

At our office entrance there is a surveillance camera, which records the people on their way in or out of the offices.