Business Consultants

Who we are

  • “Kalipsis” is a company that provides businesses and individuals with accounting and tax consultant services. Our company has many years of experience and our executives are actively working in this field for over 20 years. Our main goal is the proper guidance of businessmen and civilians, through personalised financial advice, with the goal of creating close cooperation, constructed through mutual trust, transparency, reliability and consistency and it addresses to businesses who wish to ensure their safe operation, but also their growth through a personalised financial planning, business advice and investments.
  • The company has acquired knowledge and a vast network of specialised proffesionals (lawyers, engineers, brokers, accountants), which allows us to plan and materialize complete solutions, even for problems that require collective action. We believe that it’s very important for businesses and individuals to receive their services within reasonable time, which we achieve through personal work, frequent communication and enhanced joint action.
  • In addition, we offer our offices for complete business seat services, adjusted to the needs of our clients.
  • We believe that with our company you will find a responsible, qualified and trustworthy partner.

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Team members

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What we provide



Accounting Services

Complete organising, maintenance and supervising of company books.

Auditing Services

Auditing services of any kind on business books of procedures

Tax Services

Tax planning and completion of tax related tasks and requirements

Founding - Merge Services

Offering information and advice on starting, altering and merging businesses

Labor - Payroll - Insurance Advice

Valid support and advising on labor and insurance subjects

Other Services

ESPA - OAED subsidies, business seat services and other services



Tax Declarations

Completion and submission of tax forms and other tax related services