For Individuals


Tax Declarations

Completion and submission of tax forms and other tax related services


Tax Declarations

  • Tax report (E1, E2)
  • Compilation, signing and submission of all tax reports
  • Declarations of asset and funds-source declaration and tax solutions to cover presumptions
  • Declarations E9 (assets)
  • Issuance of ENFIA certificates
  • Issuance of tax information
  • Online change of home address
  • Calculation of tax presumption
  • Capital consumption budget
  • Application for taxisnet key number and user codes
  • Execution of online services through Taxis-Net
  • Change of tax residence (residents abroad)
  • Full support for residents abroad, expatriates and foreigners, resolution of issues such as avoidance of double taxation.
  • Submit debt settlement applications
  • Carrying out bureaucratic tasks in Public Services and organizations
  • Lease agreements of all kinds
  • Advice on living presumptions, avoiding high taxation